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Repairs included or not in your rent
Repairs included or not in your rent
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As a tenant, it's essential to know what services and maintenance are covered by your rental agreement to ensure a smooth living experience. Here's a breakdown of what's included and what's not, based on your tenancy agreement:

Included in the Rent:

  • Maintenance of household devices:

  1. Annual major maintenance of household appliances (included for most houses when budgeted in charges).

  2. Repair and replacement when necessary (tenant responsible for rental damage).

  3. Supply of salt or replacement CO2 bottles for water softener.

  • Heating System and Boilers:

  1. Annual or biennial major maintenance of the heating system.

  2. Repair.

  3. Inspection.

  • Furniture:

  1. Replacement of furniture due to poor quality or natural wear and tear.

  2. Possibility of replacing items costing less than €50 on request.

  • Other Repairs: All repairs to fixed (decorative) elements, techniques, and equipment in the property are at the landlord's expense.

  • Maintenance of Devices:

  1. Various tasks including cleaning filters, refilling salt, and regular maintenance of appliances.

Not Included in the Rent:

  • Maintenance of Devices: Additional maintenance tasks for various appliances such as ovens, microwaves, and hobs ;

  1. Clean the filters of the dishwasher.

  2. Clean the filters of the washing machine.

  3. Clean the dryer filters (inside drum and bottom left or right).

  4. Refill the dishwasher with rinse aid and salt.

  5. Fill the water softener in the basement with salt.

  6. Regularly clean the filters of the range hood.

  7. Clean refrigerators regularly, defrost condensate drains and freeze as needed.

  8. Clean ovens, microwaves and hobs regularly.

  • Electricity: Replacement of lamps and spotlights for ceilings below 2.5 meters.

  • Ventilation: Regular cleaning of ventilation outlets is the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Keys and Badges: Replacing lost keys is the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Internet: Contacting the network provider for any internet-related issues.

  • Garden Maintenance: Regular garden upkeep including pruning shrubs and cleaning terraces.

  • Emergency: Tasks such as unclogging pipes and removing scale deposits are the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Furniture: Repairing loose parts and tightening hinges falls under the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Hours: All costs and responsibilities related to hours are on the tenant, with the obligation to inform Coloc Housing.

  • Heating System and Boilers: Resetting and notifying Coloc Housing of defects are the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Radiators and Convectors: Venting the radiators and increasing water pressure falls under the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Small Repairs Bedroom: Repairing rental damage and tightening loose parts are the tenant’s responsibility.

Understanding these responsibilities will ensure a harmonious living environment for both tenants and landlords. It’s always advisable to communicate openly with your landlord or property manager regarding any maintenance issues to ensure they are promptly addressed. Happy renting!

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