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What responsibilities do I have as tenant?
What responsibilities do I have as tenant?
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Understanding Tenant Responsibilities: A Guide to Shared Living

Renting a shared house comes with responsibilities that contribute to the well-being of the entire community. As a tenant, being aware of these responsibilities ensures a harmonious living environment for everyone. Let's explore the key areas of tenant responsibilities and the steps involved in managing them.

1. Serching Replacements:

  • As a tenant, you are responsible for finding a replacement for your bedroom or any departing roommates.

  • Process: Actively participate in posting advertisements, contacting potential applicants, conducting interviews, and arranging property visits. 2. Common Area Maintenance:

2. Common Area Maintenance:

  • All tenants must collectively maintain common areas.

  • Process: Regularly clean shared spaces and organize activities such as garage cleanouts. Visit RecycleApp to stay updated on garbage collection schedules.

3. Household Devices

  • Tenants need to maintain and clean household devices.

  • Examples: Ensure the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer are in good working condition. Replace TV remote batteries and light bulbs as needed.

4. Cleaning Responsibilities:

  • Organize cleaning services and manage cleaning cheques.

  • Process: One tenant, often the House Manager, purchases cleaning cheques. Reimbursement is facilitated using the monthly charges collected by Coloc Housing.

  • Steps to Buy Cleaning Cheques:

    1. Register at your municipality.

    2. Create an account on Titre-Services for Brussels or Dienstencheques for Flanders.

    3. Order the agreed-upon amount of cleaning cheques.

    4. Request reimbursement from Coloc Housing.

5. Considerate Cleaning Service Preparation:

  • Note: The house should ensure that dishes are washed before the cleaning service arrives.

  • Caution: Avoid organizing events, like parties, just before the cleaning service, to respect their work.

    Understanding and adhering to these responsibilities is essential for fostering a positive and cooperative living environment. It ensures that all tenants contribute to the well-being of the shared house and maintain a standard of living that benefits everyone.

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