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Why do I have to search for a replacement?
Why do I have to search for a replacement?
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At Coloc Housing, we aim to provide our tenants with a seamless and comfortable living experience. To ensure clarity and efficiency in managing tenant turnover and occupancy, we have outlined the following guidelines regarding tenant responsibilities and processes for finding replacements:

1. Searching for Replacements:

As a tenant, you are responsible for finding a replacement for your bedroom or any departing roommates. This involves actively participating in the following steps:

  • Posting advertisements

  • Contacting potential applicants

  • Conducting interviews

  • Arranging property visits

  • Taking an active role in these activities facilitates a smoother transition for both departing and incoming tenants.

2. Common Area Maintenance:

While Coloc Housing takes responsibility for finding new tenants for empty bedrooms in the house, we value your input in selecting suitable candidates. Therefore, we ask you to review some of the applicants and seek your approval before accepting their applications. After all, it is you who will be living with them.

Understanding Clause 5.2:

Clause 5.2 of the tenancy agreement outlines the conditions under which departing tenants are released from their obligations. According to this clause:

  • Departing tenants are released from their obligations as soon as a new tenant signs the assignment agreement.

  • In the absence of finding a new tenant, departing tenants can demonstrate active and sufficient research efforts to find a replacement by the end of the notice period.

Expectations from Landlords:

Coloc Housing expects landlords to exert "sufficient effort" in reducing rent when the property is not fully occupied. This entails tasks such as:

  • Sharing the room's marketplace link on preferred social media platforms

  • Promptly responding to tenant applications

  • Contacting Coloc Housing when facing challenges in finding new tenants

Clause 5.2 will only be enforced if a tenant leaves the property without notice, takes no action, and fails to respond to communications, while the bedroom remains unoccupied.

Documentation and Compliance:

We recommend retaining relevant communications, such as this email, as an addendum to the contract. This serves as official documentation in case of any concerns regarding the fulfillment of rent release conditions at the conclusion of your tenancy.


Your responsible demeanor, as evidenced by your inquiries, assures us of your compliance. By fulfilling the aforementioned tasks by the end of your notice period, you should have no cause for concern. Notably, in our five years of operation, we have never invoked Clause 5.2, especially given the high demand for properties in Brussels.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to ensure a smooth and satisfactory living experience for all our tenants.

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