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Who is responsible for repairs?
Who is responsible for repairs?
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The landlord and Coloc Housing will take the responsibility of organizing and following up on repairs. Who bares the cost of the repair however will depend on the situation.

The contract states that repairs resulting from an error of one of the Tenants will be charged to this Tenant individually. If however the error cannot be attributed to one Tenant alone all Tenants can be held accountable and liable for the costs of the obligations concerning repairs and maintenance work, as described in this paragraph, undivided and as one. The costs are then divided into as many shares as there are Tenants in the Tenancy Agreement. The calculation of these costs and its payment will be done during the Tenancy Agreement or at the end of the agreement depending on the circumstances.

An official non-limitative list of repairs can be found in the Belgian’s official journal (attached).

If specifically something is damaged in the tenant’s room, this article explains the procedure.

If a repair needs to be done, the tenant should make a repair request on the help center.

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