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Three priority levels for repairs
Three priority levels for repairs
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Priority 1: Urgent and Important. This category groups the repairs to be carried out within 24 hours. Failure to carry out this repair can be dangerous and can seriously affect the quality and safety of the house.

For example: A water leak, gas leak, power failure, and fire-related repairs.

For really urgent and life-threatening matters, please first consult the emergency lines by calling the number 112.

Priority 2: Not urgent but important. Under this category, we understand all repairs that are not urgent but lead to frustration. These repairs are ideally carried out within two weeks.

For example: Wifi interruptions, replacing doorknob, repairing furniture, repairing or replacing refrigerator, replacing or repairing washing machine, repairing curtain track...

Priority 3: Not urgent and not important. Category 3 represents repairs that are neither urgent nor important. These repairs do improve the quality of the home in the short and long term.

For example: Maintenance work, cleaning gutters, paint damage to walls,...

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