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Moving within Coloc
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Moving within Coloc involves two scenarios: a room swap within the same house or moving to another house. Here's the procedure for both:

  1. Room Swap within the Same House:

    • Give Notice: Submit a notice through the tenant's dashboard on the Coloc platform to inform the management or landlord of your intention to swap rooms within the same house. The notice period may vary according to the rental agreement.

    • Inform Property Manager: Additionally, inform the property manager to validate the administration is correctly transferred. This step ensures that all necessary paperwork and formalities are completed.

    • Apply for the New Room: Submit an application for the new room you wish to occupy through the Coloc platform. This application is typically automatically accepted, assuming the room is available and there are no specific restrictions.

    • Pay Room Swap Fee: Pay the room swap fee of 200 EUR through the platform to cover the cost of inspection and inventory listing.

    • Complete Inspection: After paying the fee, an inspection of both the current and new rooms may be conducted to assess their condition.

  2. Moving to Another House:

    • Give Notice: Provide notice to vacate your current room/house through the tenant's dashboard on the Coloc platform. The notice period may vary according to the rental agreement.

    • Look for Replacement: As you're moving out of the household, it's your responsibility to look for a replacement to take your spot within the household. You may advertise the availability of your room on the platform or communicate with other tenants in the household to find a suitable replacement.

    • Submit Application: Submit an application through the Coloc platform to the new house you wish to move into.

    • Approval as a Group: The new house will review your application along with the existing tenants. Approval typically involves a group decision, considering factors like compatibility, shared responsibilities, etc.

    • Inspection and Inventory: Once approved, an inspection and inventory listing may be conducted in your new accommodation to ensure its condition is documented.

In both cases, it's crucial to adhere to the procedures outlined by Coloc management or the landlord to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any potential issues. Make sure to communicate effectively with all parties involved and comply with any additional requirements specified in the rental agreement.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition whether you're swapping rooms within the same house or moving to a new one within the Coloc platform.

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