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How can I move out before my 2-month's notice period?
How can I move out before my 2-month's notice period?
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In the event that you decide to leave before the conclusion of your two-month notice period, efficient communication with your property manager is key. This guide will not only walk you through the steps of finding a replacement tenant but also emphasize the importance of getting in touch with your property manager to facilitate a seamless transition.

Tenant Responsibilities: If you choose to depart earlier than your two-month notice period, it becomes your responsibility to find a suitable replacement tenant. To initiate this process, we provide you with a list of interested applicants via our website.

Steps to Finding a Replacement Tenant:

  1. Giving Notice on Your Dashboard: The adventure begins! Head to your dashboard and submit your two-month notice. You'll find a calendar with available dates; choose wisely for the smoothest transition.

  2. Coordinate with Your Property Manager: Once you've picked your departure date on the calendar, it's time to inform your property manager. They'll guide you on the next steps to ensure everything aligns seamlessly.

  3. Arranging Visits and Tours: With your property manager in the loop, proceed with coordinating visits and tours of the house with the interested applicants.

  4. Selection and Contract Signing: Once you've found a suitable replacement tenant, ensure they sign a new contract and submit the required deposit to finalize the arrangement.

  5. Contract Termination: With the successful signing of a new contract by the replacement tenant, your existing contract will be concluded, marking the end of your tenancy.

Communication with Property Manager: It is crucial to contact your property manager at the earliest convenience to discuss your departure plans and request assistance in listing your bedroom for rent. They will provide guidance on the timeline, necessary paperwork, and any specific requirements to ensure a smooth transition.

Note: When giving notice on your dashboard, please be aware that you can only select dates from the provided calendar. Contact your property manager to adjust the availability of your bedroom on the website to match your preferred move-out date.

Conclusion: Coordinating with your property manager is an integral part of the process when seeking a replacement tenant. Open communication ensures that your bedroom is appropriately listed for rent on your preferred date, streamlining the transition for all parties involved. Should you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to your property manager for assistance.

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