Selection of Roomies
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We find it important that our roomies choose with whom they want to live and share longstanding experiences with.

What does the selection process look like?

  1. A candidate applies for a room

  2. Each application is first carefully reviewed and validated by Coloc Housing.

  3. The roomies of the house are invited by email and chat notification to review the application and vote yes or no. All roomies can vote, except the roomies which are in the process of moving out.
    The voting system works with an absolute majority rule for the first month and a half and a simple majority rule in the last two weeks leading up to the departure of the departing tenant.

    In the last two weeks of the notice period of the departing tenant, a candidate needs to be refused or accepted in seven days. When in the first six days more than half of the roomies vote 'yes', the candidate receives the contract. When more than half of the roomies vote 'no', the candidate gets rejected.
    On day 7 the votes are closed and the votes are counted by simple majority rule.

    !Important: The Property Manager can always accept the candidate directly.

  4. The candidate receives the contract and has 24 hours to sign and pay the deposit.

  5. Once we receive the proof of payment of the deposit, we activate the contract of the candidate.


Coloc Housing wishes to protect the legitimacy of every application. We will stand up against each form of discrimination towards candidates based on gender, age, race, physical appearance or religious background.

Close to deadline

Coloc Housing, as representative of the owner, has the responsibility to avoid room vacancies. Each roomie who submits his/her notice needs to respect the month of the notice period*.

During the first month of the notice period, Coloc Housing doesn't intervene in the selection process of candidates by the house, given that the above-mentioned values are respected. During this month the departing roomie has the responsibility to organize an active and sufficient search for a replacement.

One month before the end of the notice period, Coloc Housing helps the departing roomie in the search for a replacement. During this period, the roomies will still have the option to vote for applicants. At this point, Coloc Housing reserves the right to accept any given candidate directly without waiting for the selection process to take effect.

* It often occurs that a coloc submits his/her notice more than two months in advance or wishes to leave his/her room as soon as possible.

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