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Problem with mice or other vermin
Problem with mice or other vermin
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, you might have unwanted encounters with pests such as mice, rats, or insects around or inside of the house.

Handling challenges like mice or other vermin is the responsibility of the roomies in the house.

We have however some recommendations:

1. Vermin are attracted by food. The first step would be to clean food storage and garbage bins in and around the house.

2. If this doesn't work, we would suggest buying some kind of trap or product in a specialized shop.

3. If the situation gets worse, you could always call a specialized firm like "Rentokil" to exterminate the vermin.

In case some obvious holes or entrances for the vermin are encountered in the house, the landlord and thus Coloc Housing might be able to assist in closing the holes to stop vermin from entering the house.

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